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Chapter Purpose



The purpose(s) of the AARA-Fort Worth is:

  1. To recognize and preserve the history and legacy of working women on the home front, including working volunteer women, during World War II;

  2. To promote cooperation and fellowship among such members and their descendants, and others of like mind;

  3. To further the advancement of patriotic ideals, excellence in the work place, and loyalty to the United States of America.

Chapter Mission


The mission of the chapter shall be:

  1. To develop, oversee, promote and maintain a Rosie the Riveter Memorial Rose Garden at Vintage Flying Museum. ARRA-FTW will partner with Vintage Flying Museum and the Fort Worth Rose Society on this endeavor.

  2. Recognize and honor the legacy of all local Rosie the Riveters.

  3. Promote the advancement of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program

  4. Educate the public about the service of the Rosie the Riveters to our country during WWII.

  5. Provide a place for local Rosies and their families to gather and socialize with other Rosies and ARRA-FTW members.

Honoring North Texas Rosies who made history

serving on the Home Front during WWII.


Coming Soon


MARCH 21, 2021

Rosie the Riveter Memorial
Garden Dedication

Who is Rosie?
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